Language Learning: Outside the Box! - David Bolton

Language Learning: Outside the Box!

By David Bolton

  • Release Date: 2012-02-02
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


You will learn, step by step, how to go about acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to master the language of your choice. Here are the most effective methods for expanding your vocabulary, mastering grammar, acquiring an excellent pronunciation, and above all, learning to actually converse in a foreign language.
Yet even the best tools for language acquisition can only be as effective as the mind of the learner. How many people are shy when it comes to speaking another language? And how often does it happen that after a while, you might simply get bored with learning, no matter how enthusiastic you were when you first got started?
Here’s where “Language Learning - Outside the Box!” goes way beyond conventional methods. For decades, the author has been using his knowledge of fields such as psychology, philosophy, and mind control to help people overcome their learning-related fears, and to reach their goals. Now, you can use these amazingly powerful techniques to take your language learning skills to a new level.
“Language Learning - Outside the Box!” will
- Show you how to strengthen your self-confidence, so that you truly and fully believe you can reach your language learning goal.
- Give you an invaluable tool to examine just how much you really want to achieve that goal.
- Teach you how to harness your own “inner monologue”, so that you can use it to help you master a language.
- Help you to overcome boredom in the learning process.
- Show you how to form powerful positive habits that will never fail to support you while working towards mastery of your chosen language.
- Even enlighten you as to how to increase your passion for learning – since the more passionate you are about reaching your goal, the less you will need discipline. With true passion, learning is not only easy: it’s really fun, too!
In “Language Learning - Outside the Box!”, you will also see how some real-life language experts reached their learning goals by using both their common sense, and their capacity for original thinking.
For less than the price of a single private language class, you will soon be using some of the most effective language-learning techniques around – techniques that the author has been developing, refining and instructing for over thirty years, while teaching students like yourself in several different countries.
After reading this book, you will never again approach language learning in the same old way!