Affliction - Laurell K. Hamilton


By Laurell K. Hamilton

  • Release Date: 2013-07-02
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 4.5
From 600 Ratings


Micah’s estranged father lies dying, rotting away inside from some strange ailment that has his doctors whispering about “zombie disease.”

Anita Blake makes her living off of zombies—but these aren’t the kind she knows so well. These creatures hunt in daylight, and are as fast and strong as vampires. If they bite you, you become just like them. And round and round it goes…Where will it stop? Even Anita Blake doesn’t know.


  • Anita Blake series

    By Mal-aud
    Love every book and always stay glued to it like I can’t get enough. Drama, fiction, suspense, reality along with vampires and animals that are so human!
  • Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

    By Mystikal Magika
    Love All the Books ! Awesome!!!
  • Yes!

    By Sunnykittykat
    One of her best.
  • EEE cup?

    By Senad Sopovic
    The Anita Blake books is kind of an up and down thing for me, but they are entertaining enough. I decided to write this review because of the whole Anita having EEE cup size. It bothers me because after 23+ books of reading about Anita we hear of the ginormous breasts out of nowhere. She always said she was well endowed but for a 5'3" woman size D is well endowed, size EEE is something worth mentioning the first time you describe Anita. As a result it just felt like there was a distinct character change, to me it's the same as recasting a main character in the middle of a TV series. It just felt sloppy and like a whim for LKH. I seriously doubt when LKH was writing about Anita for the first book she was imagining this woman with EEE breasts. Also, with all of the physical activities and things Anita does, she would have been complaining about those breasts from the beginning and I doubt any of those SWAT vests would even fit her. I wear a D cup and I complain more then Anita. This whole EEE cup thing is just annoying because it is illogical and I think reflection of some kind of immature fantasy of LKH.
  • Affliction

    By realDrkCloud
    I used to like Laurel K. Hamilton's books now I wonder how she's ever managed to release so many, it's like she doesn't even try anymore. She has so many character's in her books it makes it hard to feel anything for any of them, but most importantly this series has absolutely no end in sight and in order for this series to have some kind of meaning it needs to end eventually. The sex in these books are just cheesy and completely unrealistic, the tone of the book bounces continuously from serious to porno constantly and the really sad part is that I will continue to read them because I feel that I've invested too much time in this series to just walk away and feel like it was a complete waste. There is NO end in sight! There is no over arcing storyline All good things MUST come to an end without an ending the series has no real meaning.
  • SUCH A Letdown!

    By Kristen Renee Johnson
    I've read this entire series. Affliction seemed like partial pieces leftover and thrown in with an unfulfilling bite of where the next level/story continuance should have evolved. I managed to enjoy it somewhat since I love the characters. Usually the Marshall hunts have an intensity that leaves you tense with the suspense and you cannot put the book down. I put this book down for a month before I read from the middle to the end. I NEVER do that! The only other book in the series that disappointed me was Micah.
  • It's 2014

    By Avalynn27
    I feel like this author is stuck in the last century. Someone needs to tell her that men with long hair in ponytails isn't very attractive...
  • Loved it

    By Aizimoo
    It's sooo her. If you are complaining, you don't know her.
  • Challenge, mystery, sex, suspense.

    By Seeo49
    Laurell K Hamilton's latest Affliction contains all of her best features, complicated characterizations, challenge, mystery, sex and suspense. In accompanying Micah to the bedside of his dying, estranged father, Anita Blake is forced to deal with many of the challenges she often faces as well as a new wrinkle or two. There's plenty of police and executioner work, an unusual type of zombie, a nice, and slightly risky sprinkling of her excellent, signature sex and enough suspense to keep the pages turning quickly until the end, as well as revelations about both familiar and newer characters and Anita's maturing relationships with them and herself.
  • Some Issues

    By En'D
    I was really excited to see how long this book was (1200+ pages). But what a bummer to spend the first 300 recapping past stories and over-explaining. It was boring rehashing of past books . I felt like there were constant "asides" where Anita thought us through past stories. She had to explain how she met so-and-so... Who she saved from what... It broke me from the main storyline way too much. There were too many people having conversations throughout the story, and too many characters involved. I got lost as to who was talking and it made it hard to follow along. And the long titles! Arrrhh! Example (Richard, our Ulfrich, Wolfe King..) Anita even did this with dialogue to Micah! Come on now...why would anyone talk that way? It was just too wordy. I know that authors have to assume that this book may be the first book in the series someone reads..but come on! You don't need to say it every time you mention Richard's name. I was hoping for more tension between Anita and Micah because of his lies. The quick resolution made me wonder why LKH even bothered to put that segment in the book because it never went anywhere. Yes there is a difference between his lies and what he was doing and what Anita does for a living. It's the deception! My main beef was why create an issue and have it go nowhere? When XXXX dies, I didn't get any real sense of loss. It happened and we just moved on. Anita didn't really deal with it or acknowledge it again. Not even to XXXX's best friend later in the book. Richard has been MIA for a while now and I would like to check in on him. I didn't like that he went all Bisexual in the past few books, it seemed out of character. I would like to see him find a true alpha female that challenges him and helps him settle down. And I want Anita to have to pick her men and release some of the others. It's too much to keep track of at this point. Too many men and I can't keep them all straight..which means I can't care about any of them. As for the sex, it has gotten to be too much. It was fun at first because I actually felt like I knew some of her motivations for picking it's just all jumbled. I don't know who is who and I can't remember how she even met some of these guys. This book really had way too many characters to follow. I was lost at some points and had to go back and find who she was talking too. Edward..ok, I really like Edward but the more Anita talks about what a twit Donna is and how she doesn't care for his fiancé the more I wonder what it is about Donna that keeps Edward interested. Donna keeps getting written as a needy loser type that Anita can't respect so now I'm wondering what Edwards sees in her. I really think LKH should have simplified this book. I can't recall any of her other books feeling like homework! I never felt like her stories have lagged like this one did. It didn't feel like one story..more like the zombie story and a recap of past stories and odd interactions. And FYI, I never write reviews but after reading 21 books and following the series for so long I wanted to just add my 2 cents. I loved the zombie storyline it just felt a little disjointed as a whole book.