Let's Talk German - Adam Yacoub & Bernadette Yacoub

Let's Talk German

By Adam Yacoub & Bernadette Yacoub

  • Release Date: 2012-10-16
  • Genre: Education


With over 500 survival phrases "Let's Talk German" will meet all your language needs with native speaker audio pronunciation to make your trips more useful.

- Speak German phrases instantly!
- Over 500 essential words and phrases.
- Perfect your pronunciation with the audio native speaker assistance.
- No need for a complex grammar
- Topics covered are: greetings, countries and nationalities, food and meals, family,
useful words, places, transportation, numbers, colors, the weather, the time, house and furniture,
clothes, parts of the body, animals, post office and bank, office and school supplies, travel and airport
and cosmetics- toiletries.