The Last Musician - Jason Peterson

The Last Musician

By Jason Peterson

  • Release Date: 2013-03-23
  • Genre: Fantasy


Kristoffer Snider is an unlikely hero: an outcast musical prodigy. But when an evil force captures the power of music to rule the world, only Kristoffer can save the day.

As music disappears and the idyllic land of Greenwood begins to fall apart, Kristoffer uses his unique gift to battle the malevolent Urizen, his underling Alistair Vull, and a trio of muses who may not be what they first seem. Kristoffer must venture into the mysterious forest outside Greenwood, and with the help of new, much-needed friends, including the poet Colin Williams and his plucky granddaughter Emily, set music free, save the people he loves, and discover the secret at the heart of his very existence.

By turns heart-pounding and heart-warming, The Last Musician is an adventure with heart - and a song.