Double Trouble: But Twice As Nice - Trevi Formea

Double Trouble: But Twice As Nice

By Trevi Formea

  • Release Date: 2013-04-22
  • Genre: Social Issues


After some time Ayden began thinking having twin brothers wasn’t as great as he had imagined it would be. Now he was wishing he was an only child again. Twins were double trouble with a capital 'T'.

Normally Ayden had left school by this time and had never been around for this 12yr old, grade five bully – Josh Barnstead to antagonize. Ayden’s raised voice caused the twins to stop and observe the proceedings. Here was their 10yr old brother being picked on by a classmate twice his size. Ayden needed their help – but what could 7yr olds do? (G)

Another amusing story in 'The Blue Label Series' by Trevi Formea.