Koalaland or The Great Koala Novel, Volume V: The Dreaded Plague - David Bolton

Koalaland or The Great Koala Novel, Volume V: The Dreaded Plague

By David Bolton

  • Release Date: 2013-05-21
  • Genre: Epic


The Grim Reaper is back for more!

As we have witnessed, the intrepid koalas have successfully dealt with the terrible challenge of defending themselves against the evil hyenas.

After burying their dead, and mourning their great losses, they now desire nothing more fervently than to return to the noble task of building their civilization in Southern Koalaland.

A new school system, and the introduction of their first monetary system, which they have wisely based on the gold standard, are two sure signs that koala society may soon be developing at a faster pace than anyone could ever have imagined!

On a more personal level, Maki Koala has found a new, and rather peculiar-looking friend, much to the surprise of many of her grovemates.

The general optimism, however, is cruelly crushed when the Council receives disquieting news from the northern groves: a plague of a most deadly disease has broken out in Noble Grove, and threatens to spread throughout all of Koalaland.

How should our furry friends confront this horrendous menace? Could this indeed be the beginning of the end of intelligent koala civilization as we know it?

Brace yourself for the worst, as you pray for deliverance ‒ for you are now entering Volume V of Koalaland: “The Dreaded Plague”.