CultureShock! Saudi Arabia - Peter North & Harvey Tripp

CultureShock! Saudi Arabia

By Peter North & Harvey Tripp

  • Release Date: 2013-06-27
  • Genre: Middle East


CultureShock! Saudi Arabia provides an insight into living and working in a kingdom where Islam governs almost every aspect of life. Uncover the true psyche of the Saudi people—the men clad in their thobes and gutra and women in their abayas—and their unique way of life, a lifestyle which foreigners may find alien and a challenge to cope with. Containing valuable information not only on the practical aspects of settling in, this book will give tips on how best to integrate into Saudi society. Learn about Saudi laws and be aware of what might get you thrown in jail or under the executioner’s axe. CultureShock! Saudi Arabia is essential for anyone who wants to fully understand this Islamic country and get the most out of his or her stay in the kingdom.

Peter North first started living and working in Asia about 25 years ago. He has authored a number of books including CultureShock! Cambodia. Peter also contributes articles to various magazines, in particular Pacific Ecologist. He spends his time pursuing various interests in environment, current affairs, science and engineering. Harvey Tripp graduated from the University of Melbourne and has spent his corporate life in international business, holding senior management positions in various locations including the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Harvey has lectured on international business, including how to do business in Saudi Arabia, at Australian universities and has been on the advisory boards of universities and other tertiary institutions to help develop their international business programs. He is the co-author of CultureShock! Bahrain.