The World of Ice & Fire - George R.R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia, Jr. & Linda Antonsson

The World of Ice & Fire

By George R.R. Martin, Elio M. Garcia, Jr. & Linda Antonsson

  • Release Date: 2014-10-28
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 538 Ratings


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • The perfect holiday gift for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s Game of Thrones—an epic history of Westeros and the lands beyond, featuring hundreds of pages of all-new material from George R. R. Martin!

If the past is prologue, then George R. R. Martin’s masterwork—the most inventive and entertaining fantasy saga of our time—warrants one hell of an introduction. At long last, it has arrived with The World of Ice & Fire.

This lavishly illustrated volume is a comprehensive history of the Seven Kingdoms, providing vividly constructed accounts of the epic battles, bitter rivalries, and daring rebellions that lead to the events of A Song of Ice and Fire and HBO’s Game of Thrones. In a collaboration that’s been years in the making, Martin has teamed with Elio M. García, Jr., and Linda Antonsson, the founders of the renowned fan site—perhaps the only people who know this world almost as well as its visionary creator.

Collected here is all the accumulated knowledge, scholarly speculation, and inherited folk tales of maesters and septons, maegi and singers, including
• artwork and maps, with more than 170 original pieces
• full family trees for Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen
• in-depth explorations of the history and culture of Westeros
• 100% all-new material, more than half of which Martin wrote specifically for this book

The definitive companion piece to George R. R. Martin’s dazzlingly conceived universe, The World of Ice & Fire is indeed proof that the pen is mightier than a storm of swords.


  • nice

    By Whxhdxn
  • Great Back Stories

    By The Truth 101
    Get a better understanding of the history and world of Westeros.
  • Get the audio book too!

    By leebrosto
    Great collection for anyone who loves Game of Thrones. I listen to the audio version all the time!!!
  • I already have the book!

    By Shshdjidnxjw
    I have already purchased the actual book. Spent $50 on the giant, beautiful thing! But I want the app as well, easier to navigate through it. There should've been a code or something printed in the book which would allow me to get the app for free. Thats my only complaint. Otherwise, LOVE. The maps are so fascinating.
  • Loved this book!

    By Fitovon
    A masterpiece
  • So Good

    By justinicholasXx
    I love the format like its an actual history text book.. amazing!!! 5 stars actually seems a little lacking in my opinion ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • My opinion

    By josh fogleman
    A lot to take it but a lot of good backstory. I know the series is fiction but I like fiction series where they add in various back stories or history to help the story
  • Good but bugged

    By 8::::::::::D~~~~
    It's a really fascinating read but has some series loading issues you'll get to sections of the story with hundreds of blank pages followed by a crash and this can continue for days before finally loading
  • The World of Ice & Fire

    By TWOIF
    Amazing. It's great to have a history of the seven kingdoms and beyond. This book goes into extensive detail and history but has very little information about current characters that we've been following in the other books. It certainly helps provide a better understanding of the current state of affairs in Westeros and how some of the other areas (Dorne, Free Cities etc) fit into Game of Thrones. Personally, I believe knowing the history makes it more interesting and I'm in awe that this much background was made available to readers. I find it staggering that so much work has gone into these books and the amount of careful detail that George RR Martin has put into them is unbelievable.
  • “The World of Ice & Fire.

    By Samq718
    Boooring! Oh for pity's sake.... This was like reading the dictionary upside down and backwards. I thought at some point it was going to take up with the story.... So I dragged my self through it. It's like the most monotonous textbook you were ever assigned to read in high school. Oh George ---you stole my money this time$$!. I might have wanted to visit all this information After the whole story was told... But do we really need it to enjoy the next book??I hope not. Not the STORY I was hoping for.. Really disappointed