Customs, Etiquette and Traditions of the New Testament - James Freeman

Customs, Etiquette and Traditions of the New Testament

By James Freeman

  • Release Date: 2013-08-31
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality


Many students and scholars, alike, have a varietal of reference books, commentaries, dictionaries and other assorted works. Yet, for one not to have such a valuable work as this within their library, not alone never to have perused its contents is like one who drives an automobile, without a set of gauges. This work is such a highly praised and valued work because it facilitates a person’s understanding of the cultural and historical relationship behind the Biblical text. This work, unlike a commentary or dictionary, explains the concept within the everyday life of the people and as the historical beginnings, providing not an opinion, but facts regarding the most difficult passages of Scripture. This work is both a historical work and an encyclopedia work combined to provide the inquiring reader a sound answer to their perplexing question. This work indeed is an invaluable resource which no theological library can be without.