Weight Training - Abby Fox

Weight Training

By Abby Fox

  • Release Date: 2013-11-05
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


Take the guesswork out of weight training, and follow this step-by-step guide for getting strong!

Whether at home or at the gym, all you need to get started are a few dumbbells! Anything more is just a bonus.

Perfect for the beginner who wants to stay active and get strong, this easy-to-use guide uses step-by-step color photographs to demonstrate over 100 exercises. Starter exercises use bodyweight only, but you'll learn how to effectively add resistance to make real strength gains. A thorough Q&A answers all your questions to get you started on the right foot. With smart training workouts and an index of exercises by muscle group, you'll be training like a professional with confidence. Put together your own workouts based on time available and personal goals, or follow the routines in the book.

The Idiot's Guide to Weight Training offers a program for getting strong that is striaghtforward and easy to learn! With a crystal clear understanding of the exercises, you'll be flexin' those muscles in no time.
They're nothing fancy, but these exercises work. Learn to target:
-Legs with exercises such as bodyweight squats, dumbell lunges, and barbell front squats
-Chest with exercises such as inclined push-ups, dumbbell chest flys, and barbell chest presses
-Back with exercises such as dumbbell pullovers and inverted rows
-Shoulders with exercises such as dumbbell raises and flys, barbell shoulder presses, and Arnold presses
-Armswith exercises such as dumbbell hammer curls, bench dips, and barbell skull crushers
-Abs with exercises such as bicycle crunches, mountain climbers, and V-ups

A bonus section even guides you through how to use any additional equipment you might have access to, like medicine balls, balance trainers, kettlebells, and suspension bands.