A Woman Warrior Born - Alexander Edlund

A Woman Warrior Born

By Alexander Edlund

  • Release Date: 2013-11-07
  • Genre: Epic
Score: 4.5
From 203 Ratings


Breea Banea is poised to become the youngest female scholar in a thousand years, but before her testing can begin, she finds herself hunted by a beast of elemental malice in the shape of a white wolf. When she learns that her entire life has been planned to enable her to survive this battle, she sets out to find the priest who called at her birth, "A Warrior is Born."

From Kirkus Reviews
A smashing series opener for fans of literary fantasy.

Edlund’s fantasy stars a capable young warrior who seeks more knowledge about a ruinous prophecy she herself is destined to fulfill. In the kingdom of Limtir lives 19-year-old Breea Banea, the youngest female applicant to the Library in 1,000 years. She’s an expert in woodland survival, hunting, and combat. Breea still has much to learn, however, including the potent magic of weaving and why a priest said that her birth signaled the destruction of Yash, the religious capital city of the distant realm of Yasharn. In the forest, Breea encounters the violent Lupazg, a being out of the Legend Time who can change from a man to a giant white wolf. Lupazg strikes at the Library, placing Breea’s friend and mentor, Ajalay, (and most of the Tomeguard soldiers) in mortal danger. During the chaos, a guard named SaKlu performs a coup at the Library that’s tied to the religious upheaval sweeping nearby lands. He rules in the name of Yash, proclaiming those who stand against him vile Dauthaz. Will Breea survive long enough to discover the truth about her role in the Yasharn prophecies? This first volume in author Edlund’s ambitious new series drops readers into a grandiose realm, filled with forest cats who speak the secret Breowic language and lovers who have “caught the moonstone” for each other. The prose is dense and lyrical, reminiscent of high-fantasy masterminds like M. John Harrison: “The spark hovering above her palm,” we read of Ajalay in battle, “shone like a star brought to ground.” Edlund’s cinematic action scenes feature magic that whips and writhes like a living thing (“Lupazg snarled, and frost rimed her clothing and hair”). Though many of the set pieces are standard fantasy fare—the sea battle and the bustling city—audiences will likely follow the complex Breea anywhere after Edlund’s astonishing cliffhanger.


  • Simply enthralling

    By appmate
    All I was wishing is that book not end ... The last 500 pages was so absorbing that I read it in one go
  • A Woman Warrior Born

    By lol lie
    A truly great adventure! I will definitely read the series and any others written by Alexander Edlund! This author was a great discovery for me 😃
  • Very enjoyable

    By Bobsaysno
    I found the book hard to put down. Liked the variety of characters. Now I want more
  • A warrior born

    By BullWinkle141
    Exquisite writing. Could not stop reading till I was thru. Thank you
  • A Woman a warrior Born.

    By Dottiejo
    Wow. Very intense. I wasn't liking the explicate never ending details of land etc. but it was a good read
  • A woman warrior is born

    By Kayzara50
    Great book
  • Might not mean much but,

    By Jykll
    I have read many books and, I can tell you that this one rates in the top 5! I can not wait for the next one! Thanks Geo.
  • Editing aside, a good read

    By warrior-monk
    Like others have said, the book needs a good editor to clean up a few things. They would have in fact probably found ever noticable issue in the book. The biggest issue I experienced was some very jarring jumps between events where it seemed to cut mid paragraph and move time forward. That aside the book was a good read, and the lead character distinct and consistent. The setting was unique in enough ways to not feel reused. All in all in a fine effort. Not sure if this is the author’s first book but if it is keep up the great work and all the best as a new author.
  • Loved It

    By Baene
    While it could use the polishing of an editor - I thought the book was amazing. I loved the characters and the world and am looking forward to more. And hopefully someday purchase print editions for my collection - it's worth it. A suprising gem!
  • A Woman Warrior Born

    By JLC2014
    Outstanding story and looking forward to the next book!!!