Dead Ice - Laurell K. Hamilton

Dead Ice

By Laurell K. Hamilton

  • Release Date: 2015-06-09
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 398 Ratings


Zombies and voodoo collide in this Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Laurell K. Hamilton.

Becoming the fiancée of master vampire Jean-Claude is wreaking havoc with Anita Blake’s reputation as a hardass—to some extent. Luckily, in professional circles, she’s still the go-to expert for zombie issues. And right now, the FBI is having one hell of a zombie issue.
Someone is producing zombie porn. Anita has seen her share of freaky undead fetishes, so this shouldn’t bother her. But the women being victimized aren’t just mindless, rotting corpses. Their souls are trapped behind their eyes, signaling voodoo of the blackest kind.
It’s the sort of case that can leave a mark on a person. And Anita’s own soul may not survive unscathed...


  • Dead ice

    By GIHE!
    This is another Hamilton, filled with sex and sharing. The couple things is starting to get complicated. My favorite is Richard now he is sgarting to feel less powerful more of a pouting, Joining the party of who’s sleeping with who. The story plots are getting dull and lifeless. Almost like all the books end the same and have so far outreached the what could be possible to pure fictional and fantasy of the unreal, almost like as your reading say to yourself come on . Anite is SUPERMAN, WONDERWOMAN, AND all rolled into one. I have not purchased a Hamilton book in a while to me Once you’ve read one in the last couple of years you’ve read them all. Same old Same old story line. I will not be buying and more until better story lines. PLaese LAURELL HAMILTON GO BACK TO THE OLD WAY OF WRITING.Anita Blake character is no longer interesting she is just a none caring who is getting in bed tonight and who is watching me get my jollies. While everyone else wishes they were in bed with me character.
  • Excellent plot.

    By Sunnykittykat
    Better than some of the others. A joy to read.
  • Dead Ice

    By SpaceBob2
    This was a nice return to Anita Blake novels of old, which were really good stories and descriptions with more mystical than sexual content. Makes me eager for the next novel.
  • Almost what I used to expect from this series but not quite there...

    By Fairygirlrae
    I'm always happy to see my beloved characters come back! I'm especially happy here because I'd started thinking I might have to give them up because I get tired of basically paying to be disappointed repeatedly. But when it's one of the series/authors you LOVE, you give them second and third and sixth chances...I get tired of the constant descriptions and histories of characters over and over and over...sometimes in the same book. I get that some folks don't always read from the beginning of the series but after awhile it starts to feel like a sock down the pants leg trick...Like we need this many pages but we don't particularly care what's on them...Shouldn't they have to do what all of us loyal fans have done and read the entire series? My faves are the ones that rely on the monster hunt and the humor and the characters, so I'm happy this one had all of that. I dislike when the posturing and discrimination, or the sex take over as the main focus of the story. I'd say this book was about half good story and half other...but my tastes aren't everybody's tastes so I don't detract from the overall "happy with the book" unless it falls back into the sex is all there is...then I'm upset. Also, the cover says something about an exclusive short story, but it wasn't in this copy of the ebook...Wee bit aggravating, especially considering how short this book was to start with...
  • Over it

    By MissyKtsM
    So over this author. This novel is basically 10% plot, 30% macho BS, and 60% a convoluted maze of metaphysical relationship crap. It will be my last Anita Blake novel as they just no longer tell an entertaining story. What a shame.
  • Plot Lost

    By Ryvenge
    I got so excited when I started reading this newest installment of Anita Blake, this was a intriguing plot and I couldn't wait to see where it led....sadly I did have to wait, until the last chapter. We all know by now Anita has relationship issues with all her men/women, we really don't need a recap of it every single book/chapter/paragraph. Someone dropped the ball when they let Ms Hamilton stray from the mystery and delve back into the sex/relationship issues/same stuff from previous books. Maybe she needs a break from Anita and go back to visit Merry.
  • Good read

    By Mommy Green Monsta
    This book was closer to the old Anita books that were more "action" less unexplained sex and petting scenes... Loved it!!
  • Good but not Great! Too much Background explanation.

    By 100% Patrick
    I have read every single Anita Blake book, and I have enjoyed all of them. I do have to say however that the last few books have lost some of what made the series so awesome in the first place. I feel that Hamilton has created such a compelling character world that it is becoming hard for her to write new books (that can be read as stand alone novels) without having to spend at least 25% of the book reviewing the relationships and background of all her amazing characters, and what has gone on in previous books. I understand the need for this, so a new reader will not be totally lost and maybe also so they will buy the previous books in the series. I just wish Hamilton would spend more time on story development and less on regurgitating previous story line happenings. I love these books and will continue to read them all, I just hope that they become more about new stories than explaining all the interpersonal relationships between characters that go back to book one. I feel she can give the back story to a character to a certain point and if readers want to know more they should start the series from book one like most of the loyal Anita Blake fans have done. I do not believe like some do that it is Hamilton's way of filling up pages, her stories are certainly complex enough to have the pages filled with new content. Regardless I hope the next book is more "new" and less "review".
  • Worst one yet!

    By Barettachante
    I used to really like the 'Anita Blake' novels, but lately, I find myself BORED TO TEARS!!! The story does not have much substance or romance (ie: sex) like some of the other books in the series and it seems as though Ms Hamilton is getting as bored writing these stories as we are reading them!!! Don't waste your time on this one...and unless Hamilton gets back on track, I may not be reading any more of this series!!!
  • Great read but

    By LindaJOG
    Oh wow. Ms. Hamilton is truely an artist when it comes to character development. Nicky is so much more than a “Bride” now and Devil’s character is so much more too. I love this series and have read them over and over again but I wish she would leave out the multiple repeats of previous story lines. Sometimes they are just too long as in the explanation of the Mother of all Darknes. I wish she had given a little more reason/description about Micah’s circumstances instead of hints about how tired he was etc, etc etc.