Drawing Unicorns: How to Draw Mythical Creatures for the Beginner - Jonalyn Crisologo & John Davidson

Drawing Unicorns: How to Draw Mythical Creatures for the Beginner

By Jonalyn Crisologo & John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2014-12-05
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Drawing Unicorns - How to Draw Mythical Creatures for the Beginner

Part I | Tales of the Unicorns
The Hunt of the Unicorn
Unicorns in Christianity
Medieval Ages: A Treasure Trove of Unicorns
Other Hidden or Religious Meanings
Modern and Children’s Literature
Recreational Projects, Pop Culture, and Film
Non-Fiction and Mysticism
A Unicorn’s Horn
Part II | How to Draw Unicorns
Drawing Tools
The Drawing Process
Setting a Creative Intention
What does drawing in layers mean?
Basic Rendering Exercises
Parts of the Unicorn
Anatomical Structure and Proportion
Perspectives, Foreshortening, Mannequinization, Gesture and Contour Drawing
Drawing in Layers
Lines, Shapes, and Gesture Drawing
Form Construction
Unicorn Rendering
The Unicorn’s Horn
The Author


Faraway, beyond the mountains and seven skies, there exists a land of wonders, where friendly dragons and unicorns frolic freely ‘neath the radiance of a thousand suns. When the pure hearted calls upon them, these creatures elude the veils of obstruction and offer their assistance to fulfill noble causes.

In a nutshell, this is the tale of the unicorns.

After our wonderful journey in the world of dragons, we now embark on a new exploration that attempts to uncover the truths and myths behind another mythical beast that has eluded humanity for ages: The Unicorns.

Unicorns, the second of the How to Draw Mythical Creatures for the Absolute Beginner series, is divided into two parts. Part One delves into historical accounts, which may lend to the credibility or fraudulence behind these beloved creatures. Part Two discusses drawing techniques designed to instruct and develop the creative skills of novices.

Some aspiring artists would like to learn the craft or hone their talent to prepare themselves for a career in the Arts. Others are just seeking a productive recreation, rather than a lucrative one. Regardless of your purpose, the drawing methods tackled in this course builds on the creative foundations most beneficial to the absolute beginner.

Without further ado, I welcome you to join me in a quest for unicorns.