Works of John Bunyan — Complete - John Bunyan

Works of John Bunyan — Complete

By John Bunyan

  • Release Date: 2015-01-02
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs


A woman that was ‘a loose and ungodly wretch’ hearing a tinker lad most awfully cursing and swearing, protested to him that ‘he swore and cursed at that most fearful rate that it made her tremble to hear him,’ ‘that he was the ungodliest fellow for swearing that ever she heard in all her life,’ and ‘that he was able to spoil all the youth in a whole town, if they came in his company.’ This blow at the young reprobate made that indelible impression which all the sermons yet he had heard had failed to make. Satan, by one of his own slaves, wounded a conscience which had resisted all the overtures of mercy. The youth pondered her words in his heart; they were good seed strangely sown, and their working formed one of those mysterious steps which led the foul-mouthed blasphemer to bitter repentance; who, when he had received mercy and pardon, felt impelled to bless and magnify the Divine grace with shining, burning thoughts and words. The poor profligate, swearing tinker became transformed into the most ardent preacher of the love of Christ—the well-trained author of The Jerusalem Sinner Saved, or Good News to the Vilest of Men.