Stable State Universe Theory - Stephen Webb

Stable State Universe Theory

By Stephen Webb

  • Release Date: 2015-02-05
  • Genre: Science & Nature


The theory behind the stable state universe
The first part of this theory is to believe in absolute zero, that is when there is no energy, no heat. Now in science we believe that we cannot reach absolute zero, because we have tried and found it impossible. Think of a thermometer it gets really close to absolute zero but never reaches it. There is a simple expiation for this, When you reach absolute zero there is no heat, no energy and therefore nothing to read, and of course the thermometer would not move because there is nothing to move it. So I believe that there is a state where no heat or energy and therefore no time or space. I have called this state the stable state universe.
Before our universe was created the universe was in this stable state, there was no time or space, and everything was held in place by gravity. Something gave way and created energy, and our known universe was born. Not in a big bang but in many millions of small bangs, creating time and space as a dimension, but leaving the links back to the stable state universe in the form of the black holes we see all over our universe today. Because of the black holes the gravity field is also now in our known universe. It is this gravity field which controls everything that happens in the space time field.

Gravity is the field in which every other field is linked in our known universe. Gravity is not a particle; it is not a force but a dimensional state. Without it everything else would not exist, time and space rely on the fact that it is there.
There is only one time and it is right here and now, once you have moved in the time field then space will follow. There is no past time just as there is no future time. In fact we do not move through time but time moves through us.

Once you understand that our universe is a field and that everything else is also a field, then things start to make sense. There are no particles which may also have field like properties, they are just fields. Our standard model is not only flawed and is just plain wrong.

Fields are very funny things and come in all shapes and sizes, just like a magnetic field has a size and shape when we look at it, and can be altered. So other fields exist which we like to think of as particles, but they are not they are fields, once we start treating them like fields then we will understand much better how our dimension works. It also starts to fix a lot of holes in some of our other theories.

Gravity is a field and it has a constant speed which is a lot faster than the speed of light, now in the stable state universe everything is falling through gravity at this constant speed. That is way we can’t track it or see it. Our space time field effects how the fields in our known universe travel through the gravity field.