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All the Light We Cannot See: by Anthony Doerr Summary & Analysis

By Express Reads

  • Release Date: 2015-03-15
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This is a Summary & Analysis of. All the Light We Cannot See
The lives of two teens, a French girl and a German boy, improbably intersect at the end of World War II in All The Light We Cannot See.
This companion to Still Alice includes:
▪ Summary of the book
▪ Character Analysis
▪ A Discussion on Themes
▪ And much more!


  • Great teens story

    By Bhuiyan25
    I love to read teens story. I heard about this book from my friend but the original book is some kind of so big for me. I didn't get enough time to read the full book at a time, so here this summary for "All the light we cannot see" by Anthony doerr. This is really so interesting to read. The express reads also done so well to get the gull story climax in a short time.
  • Fantastic story!!

    By Dian Foster
    I love this story. If you love the atmosphere readings of the second world war, this book you'll love. Personally stories based on that time are incredible to read. The story is mystery and suspense, you will want to keep reading.
  • Amazing

    By JayCGibbs98
    This has truly been the best summary piece I have seen for this work. Not only did it contextualize the most important moments, but it analyzed them completely as well. I only wish it was longer.
  • Great read!

    By Willyuuummm
    I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick summary and analysis of All the Light We Cannot See. The author provides a detailed explanation of the plot as well as analysis of the characters.
  • Great Help!

    By booeyboy21
    I read this before reading the actual book to see if the book was a good read and I felt that based on the summary and analysis, it was a good read so I went ahead and bought the book.
  • Great for when you don't have the time

    By Levi613
    Can not wait to get the full version when I have the time to read it all. This version is very immense in the attention of detail given. Love the way everything is presented out in a shorter but still high quality content.
  • Superb story

    By Daniel Berenguer
    A very captivating story about all the unexpected twists of life a how they affect the relations between the protagonists, and how apparently small decisions have a big impact in our destiny.
  • Really hopeful story, a plot so nostalgic

    By SaveYourVote
    I really developed a desire to read this book and get more about the details in the development of the relation between the french and the german, I've always read about WWII because that a really important part of history, but in this book it is perfectly showed that there is a more human side that gets always misunderstood and the author shows really well
  • Good history, with a deep and good background

    By Melani Bossio
    This story reminds you as in life there are many unexpected twists and very difficult relationships. I was hooked because of the content , I am now very interested to know more deeply about the WWII
  • Really helpful analysis

    By mackshaq
    This really helped in my analysis of All The Light We Cannot See. The themes that it alnalyzted were extremely helpful in my complete analysis of the book. It also touched on some points that I really glazed over when reading. This really helped me fully read this book.